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Le Thi Thanh Huong says


Hi everyone, my name is Huong, I m VIET NAM student, i have been studying mandarin with almost 1 and half year with SBS.


I remember the first day i came to school that i could only spoke with some simple word of mandarin  and knew nothing about  Chinese character.  That day I thought that I don't know when I can read these Chinese characters cause it's so difficult.


Now after 1 and a half year learning with teachers , now I can speak very well and realize Chinese characters are not that difficult like I thought. I really like their teaching way and I am so happy with my  Chinese now.


Learning Chinese really give me a lot fun with my life in Shanghai. Because my teacher not only teach me how to speak and read Chinese also let me know about Chinese culture and tradition things, I know a lot of interesting Chinese history and can know more about Chinese history or some history place in china by my lesson.


Also, learning Chinese help me a lot in my daily life. Now Chinese people  can understand what I m saying now, not like before it's so difficult to let they know what i want.


I like the way they made an book. Study in my school I  feel so good!  All the teacher there they are very friendly and willing to help me improve my mandarin by some way, they make me feel very comfortable. Now I have passed my exame HSK3  1 month ago, I m so happy with that.  Any way I want to say thanks to SBS and all teacher there mostly my teacher Alva she alway take care of our mandarin and try to do the best to improve the way to teach us.



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