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 Shanghai, the east city of ancient China, are world—famous for its fast economic development. With traditional architecture, such as Yu garden and modern sight on fashion, shanghai is becoming more and more appealing. Due to its unique style,history and location, shanghai turns into an international city as a bridge between foreign countries and China.


There are three high buildings, which are the pride of every person in shanghai: Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jingmao building and world financial center. These three architectures lying on the same city makes a miracle because they are all among the highest group buildings in Asia, even in the world. They also become the sign of shanghai.


Shanghai has some interesting attractions.(More details in Introduction of scenic spots in Shanghai.)

The food in shanghai is also unique. The use of sugar is common in Shanghainese cuisine. Shanghainese prefers sweet food such as dessert. They also like their special delicious snacks such as fried bun and fried dumpling.


If you want to enjoy the both modern and traditional city, come to shanghai, you will love it.

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