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Live Overseas but with their Heart in the Homeland – on the Epidemic Fighting Campaigns by Overseas Students of SBS


Faced with a formidable enemy, that is, the epidemic, SBS’s exchange students abroad are deeply concerned about the motherland which is fighting the critical battles against the epidemic. For the last few days, SBS’s exchange students overseas have been rooting for the motherland by making donations and posting encouraging words on social media at home and abroad, and they expressed their sympathy and solicitude for the people who were fighting against the epidemic of COVID-19 in Shanghai. Amid the chilly air in early spring, their encouragement warmed us and gave us confidence and determination. Moreover, they expressed their wishes that the teachers and students of SBS stay healthy and peaceful, and they hoped that China win the battle against the epidemic and resume the normal social order as soon as possible.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, Ma Yupei, an exchange student who is studying at West Virginia University, joined the mask donating campaigns and made contribution to the battle against the epidemic.









(The pictures show the messages left by exchange students at West Virginia University on the social media at home and abroad showing their concern on the battle against the epidemic in China)

Seven exchange students(Zhang Peiwen, Wu Junrui, Li Zhangjie, Zou Lihan, Shen Xiufeng, Wang Youwei, and Chen Yinshun) studying at West Virginia University were keeping abreast of news on the domestic trend, and they actively followed the work arrangement of SBS for the battle against the epidemic by keeping in touch the school. Moreover, they left message or made remarks about the epidemic in China on well-known social media at homeand abroad (such as Instagram, Weibo,WeChat “Moments”) in support of the great efforts that China to fight against the epidemic. They showed their solicitude for Chinese people and expressed good wishes to the nation by sending messages across the Ocean, and they believed that, with the support and care from the personages of all circles, China would definitely win the uphill battle against the epidemic.

Liu Yilu is a student from Class 171, Department of Hotel Management, and she is currently taking a 2+2 double degree program at Northern Arizona University of America. After knowing the outbreak of epidemic, she made contact with her parents, friends and relatives immediately, exhorting them repeatedly to take preventive measures and stay at home, and advised them to wear masks and keep social distance. Although she stays in America, her heart always belongs to her motherland, China. At the same time, she is actively responding to the initiatives proposed by overseas students in support of the mainland China and making contribution to the related fund-raising activities.


                   (The pictures show the students from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di MILANO cheer for China)

Four students from School of Art and Design, that is, Lu Xianlin, Yan Zhewen, Xiao Mei and Xu Zhenfei, are currently taking 3+1 double degree program at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di MILANO in Milan. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, they have actively made contact with the teachers and students at home inquiring their current status. Moreover, they follow the work arrangement of SBS in the face of the epidemic in a timely manner. All the students of SBS are required to sign in and report their health status on an app called “Counselor Assistant”. There is a time difference of 7 hours between Italy and China. Nevertheless, these students signed in on time by sticking to the timetable so that the work of teachers in SBS could proceed in a smooth way. At the same time, the four students of SBS actively participate in "Hybrid Town”, an exhibition of Chinese and Italian Culture held in the Chinatown of Milan, which is organized by Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di MILANO. The exhibition is designed to root for Wuhan and China by conveying the concept of blending development of Chinese and Milan cultures.

(The picture shows “Hybrid Town”, an exhibition of Chinese and Italian Culture)

                                                                                                                                                                                         Drafted by Zhang Xiaoxiao and Zeng Na

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