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United in a Concerted Effort to Fight Against the Epidemic - University of Canterbury, New Zealand, Wrote to SBS Inquiring about Prevention


While mountains and rivers separate us, we stand together regardless of situation. At the critical moment when all the Chinese people united in one purpose to fight against the epidemic of COVID-19, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, overseas partner of SBS, made contact with SBS by E-mail expressing their concern, support and greeting to the students and faculty of SBS, and also their confidence in SBS and determination to continue cooperation with SBS when the epidemic is ended.

Doctor Ian MacDonald, Head of International Exchanges and Cooperation Department of University of Canterbury, New Zealand, a long-term partner of SBS, expressed his heartfelt condolence and sympathy for all the students and faculty by mail, and he wrote that, you were not fighting alone, and University of Canterbury would stay with you and your families. Besides, University of Canterbury would try its best to take care of SBS’s freshmen in New Zealand and offer help and support to them. In the letter, Mr. Ian MacDonald sent the most sincere blessings in Maori:Kia Kaha(Go for it!)


(The picture shows the letter of condolence from University of Canterbury)

As the old saying goes, “sturdy grass withstands high winds,” and “a friend in need is a friend indeed”, the greeting and blessing from University of Canterbury gave all the teachers and students in SBS warmth and encouragement. We believe that, in the battle against the epidemic, victory is at hand.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Drafted by Zhang Xiaoxiao

Photographed by Yang Bing

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