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"Finance in China" Curriculum Construction Expert Symposium & Chinese Financial History Seminar Successfully Held


For the purposes of further implementing the spirit of several keynote speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping on strengthening the learning of “Four Histories”, enhancing the learning of “Four Histories” (especially Chinese financial development history) among teachers, and promoting the high-quality development of foreign-aid training in the financial field, on the afternoon of August 3, the Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO) under MOFCOM (Shanghai) held the “Finance in China” Curriculum Construction Expert Symposium & Chinese Financial History Seminar among the Faculty of High Technology, the Faculty of Continuing Education, the First Party Branch for Teaching Faculty under the General Party Branch, and the Second Party Branch for Teaching Faculty under the Faculty of Finance. The symposium was directed by Fu Jiandong, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Continuing Education. Also present at the symposium were He Ying, Vice President of SBS; Chen Wei, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Continuing Education; Wang Xiaoping, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Finance; Wang Aihua, Director of the Department of Finance; Dr. Guo Xiaofeng, and others.


Deputy Dean Fu Jiandong introduced the background of the symposium. According to him, since the reform and opening-up, China has achieved remarkable financial development, which has made outstanding contributions to China’s economic take-off. The foreign-aid training base of SBS has made active preparations for “Finance in China” curriculum construction, spread stories about China’s financial development to international business officials, deepened their understanding of China, and promoted international exchange and cooperation.

Vice President He Ying pointed out that curriculum construction should start with Chinese financial history, Chinese financial system, internationalization of RMB, and construction of Shanghai World Financial Center, and offer an all-round and vivid introduction to China’s financial development path. Meanwhile, considering that Chinese modern finance was born in Shanghai, the achievements of construction of Shanghai World Financial Center should be highlighted.

At the symposium, focusing on Chinese financial history and “Finance in China” curriculum construction, experts exchanged opinions and engaged in heated discussions about the framework and forms of courses and so forth.


In the end, Deputy Dean Fu Jiandong summarized the symposium, thanked the experts for their valuable suggestions, and proposed to perfect the curriculum scheme of “Finance in China” in the next stage based on the achievements of the symposium. He expressed his hope that everyone involved would maintain communication and exchange, and carry curriculum construction work forward as scheduled.

Writer: Guan Rui

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