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Management Review Video Conference of EHL Successfully Held


On the afternoon of Oct. 27, the Management Review Video Conference of EHL was successfully held at the meeting room on F15 at Xuhui Campus. Present at the conference were Dr. Juan-F.Perellon, Chief Academic Recognition Officer of the Academic Recognition Committee of EHL; Ms. Murielle Solioz, Academic Recognition Officer; Chen Jianfeng, Vice President of Shanghai Business School (SBS); all members of the Sino-foreign cooperative education leading group; responsible persons of EHL, and so forth. The conference was directed by Yang Bing, Deputy Director of the Office of International Exchange.

The conference kicked off with an introduction to the recognition scheme given by the management review team of EHL, followed by an introduction to EHL by Professor Fu Quansheng.

In the interaction link, the two sides engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges about how to strengthen students’ practical skills through curriculum setting; how to introduce the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) into students’ daily learning; the involvement of students in international exchange programs in the hospitality management industry; learning progress and social practice on the part of students; founding of alumni organizations; and expert recruitment programs.


(Scene of video conference)


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At the conference, the highly consistent educational philosophies and visions of EHL and SBS were confirmed.


(Vice President Chen delivering a speech)

In the end, Vice President Chen delivered a speech, in which he said that SBS was honored to have the opportunity to cooperate with EHL. EHL enjoys high reputation in the global hospitality management industry, and has a very high academic prestige worldwide. As a century-old school with a history of 127 years, EHL has become a benchmark in the industry. For SBS, cooperating with such an internationally advanced school not only helps us gear to international standards in terms of educational philosophy, curriculum setting, and teaching staff training, but also broadens students’ vision and enriches their practical experience. In view of the highly consistent values and educational philosophy, we believe that the cooperation between the two sides will lay a solid foundation for SBS to further gear to international educational standards, and play a positive role in strengthening our teaching staff reserve and management philosophy and improving our students’ academic performance and employability.

Writer: Wang Tianxiang

Photographers: Wu Qianyun, Jia Zhihan

Reviewer: Yang Bing

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