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Online Exchange Meeting Held between SBS and Exchange Students at West Virginia University, USA


To provide support and care for the exchange students at West Virginia University, USA, during the pandemic outbreak, Shanghai Business School held an online exchange meeting with the exchange students via Zoom software on the morning of May 2. The meeting was presided over by Zeng Na, teacher of the International Exchange Office, Li Zhigang, Dean, and Wang Xiaoping, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Finance, Zhang Qichen, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Yang Bing, Deputy Director of the International Exchange Office, Xiong Ping’an, Dean of the Teaching Affairs Office, Teacher Wang Dongyun, Prof. Zhao Zhongmin and Prof. Li Shijia, contact persons at West Virginia University, and all exchange students at West Virginia University attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Li Zhigang, Xiong Ping'an, Wang Xiaoping, Zhang Qichen and Zeng Na expressed their concerns to the exchange students at the West Virginia University on behalf of the Faculty of Finance, the Faculty of Business and Economics and relevant functional departments, and clarified their doubts about the exchange programs with respect to the questions such as whether staying in the United States or returning to China during the pandemic, professional courses and credit conversion, situations and policies. The exchange students also expressed their gratitude to the school and hoped that the cooperation between Shanghai Business School and West Virginia University would be better and better. This online exchange meeting has deepened the mutual understanding between the two schools and laid a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two sides.                                      

Drafted by: Zeng Na

Photos by: Zeng Na

Reviewed by: Yang Bing

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