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Shanghai Business School is located in Shanghai, the most important city in China, and has grown with the city that is emerging as an international metropolis in the Far East. Now, over 10,000 students are pursuing their studies in Shanghai Business School.
The university is like a sanctuary where students quest for truth, a cradle to cultivate talent, and an ivory tower where students sail in the sea of knowledge. We adhere to the purpose of running a school for all-round development of every student, devoted to grooming elite businessmen and professional managers who are morally good, knowledgeable and ready to serve people and society. We emphasize the business-based schooling concept, committed to building an entrepreneurial university in the business (commerce) world. We advocate the guideline of integrating talent training, scientific research and social service, shoulder the obligation of producing creative business talents with the sense of social responsibility, international outlook, practical ability and entrepreneurial spirit, and take active measures to construct an open, application-oriented university with the signature style of business disciplines. We believe Shanghai Business School will be your best choice for making your dream come true.
We hold a rigorous attitude in scholarship, value creative innovation and constantly strive for perfection. It’s our sincere hope that the methodical training and nurturing of SBS will inspire your imagination and creation, tap your learning potential, expand your horizons of knowledge, improve your independent personality, and equip you with foresight and humanistic learning for your future life in pace with the time. You’re making the first successful step in coming to SBS.
Welcome again! We’ll do our utmost to offer you thoughtful service.

Zhu Guohong

President of Shanghai Business School

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