2017 “Art Talks” China-Japan Art Academies’ Exhibition on Visual Art Design and Academic Exchange Opened


On Nov 7th, the 2017 “Art Talks” China-Japan Art Academies’ Exhibition on Visual Art Design and Academic Exchange, jointly hosted by SBS College of Art Design and Tama Art University (Japan), had its grand opening ceremony in T-House Art Space, Minhang. Professor Takashi Akiyama and staffs from Tama Art University, as well as Vice President Zhong Youwei of SBS, Dean Peng Cainian of SBS College of Art Design, Director Hu Weiying of SBS Financial Department, Vice Director Zhu Yanyan of Academic Affairs Department, Professor Ma Xinyu of College of Art Design, and faculties and students of SBS College of Art Design participated in the opening ceremony and enjoyed the exhibition. Vice President Zhong Youwei, Professor Peng Cainian, and Professor Takashi Akiyama delivered speeches.


http://fis.sbs.edu.cn/file/7771239.jpg(Guests participated in the opening ceremony)


http://fis.sbs.edu.cn/file/7771240.jpg(Mr. Takashi Akiyama, Professor of Tama Art University, delivering a speech)

Visual Expression and Design Major of SBS was recognized as a pilot major on applied undergraduate education of Shanghai in 2017. During its construction cycle, Department of Visual Design focuses on exploration of academic reform, course practice, international communication, and faculty development of the major, and aims to cultivate applied art design talents with business education background. The department has held various activities, including “Understand – Work Salon of International Design Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, “Message to Japan – Visual Art Exhibition for Handkerchiefs”, and “Academic Communication, Lectures, Salons for International Design” with deep practical meaning and leads to the thinking of students and faculties.


http://fis.sbs.edu.cn/file/7771241.jpg(Site of exhibition)


http://fis.sbs.edu.cn/file/7771242.jpg(Audience enjoying the outstanding works)

The works, large in quantity, in the exhibition includes a variety of origins. 169 pieces of works are on exhibition, in which 115 are from the students and faculties of Tama Art University. The visual art designs show ingenious thinking, and diversified methods of creation. The students and faculties of Tama Art University, focusing on the relationship between natural objects and artifacts, delivered their messages to the recipient through illustration, and made the audience easy to understand, express, and interpret the designs. The works from SBS College of Art Design own different themes, including commercial poster and illustration design, and non-commercial poster design. Students and faculties expressed their design, idea, and thinking through a variety of art expression methods in different perspectives.


http://fis.sbs.edu.cn/file/7771243.jpg(Vice President Zhong Youwei of SBS and students and faculties participating in the Opening Ceremony)

Support from relevant department and leaders of the University is essential to the successful holding of an exhibition and the joint effort from students and faculties of both Japanese and Chinese sides. The exhibition fulfills the target of communication, understanding and learning from each other, and development with breakthrough. The students and faculties all learned a lot while enjoying the exhibition. According to the report, the exhibition will last until Nov 14th. SBS welcomes professionals from other institutions and the society to come visit and give guidance.

(Article by College of Art Design)

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