College of Art Design “Impression of Shanghai” Exhibition of Innovative Art Clay Silver Accessories Opened


In the afternoon of Oct 31st, “Impression of Shanghai” Exhibition of Innovative Art clay silver Accessories held its opening ceremony at the 3rd floor of No.1 Building, Pudong Campus. The exhibition serves as a report show of the academic achievements from the 2017 SBS University Student Innovative and Entrepreneurship Camp, and showcases the innovative art clay silver accessories from 30 students of College of Art Design. President Zhong Youwei visited the site and had photo with the guidance team from the Camp and SBS students and faculties participating in the Camp)

The Innovative and Entrepreneurship Camp is jointly hosted by SBS College of Art Design and Aida Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. The camp invited Professor Etsuko Nakayama, Board Member of Japanese Jewelry Association and Professor of Aida Art clay silver Club, as the advisor, together with Mr. Daiyu Minagawa, Director of Oversea Development of Aida Chemical and his team. They have brought edge-cutting design ideas and various skills for creation. Under their careful guidance, 30 students from Costume and Clothes Design Major used the art clay silver, a special patented material developed by Aida Chemical, to break the limit of traditional accessories design process, and then design accessories with their maximum potentials, which comprehensively helped them to cultivate art innovation and practical operation capabilities. participating in the Opening Ceremony of “Impression of Shanghai” Exhibition of Innovative Art Clay Silver Accessories)

The theme of this exhibition is “Impression of Shanghai”. Shanghai, as an inclusive and international metropolitan, brings us lots of inspirations while we study, work, and live here. In additional, the Chinese character “” has the same pronunciation with English word “IN”, which can be used to indicate in fashion, and “” originated from the phrase “the greatest object takes no concrete form”. Such theme expresses the wish that students can think without limit, include all elements in their design, and develop skills in their professional fields during the study. In the 10-day study process, Ms. Etsuko Nakayama, with her rich professional experience, outstanding skills, consistent persistence, and the sensitive and patience unique to feminine designers, attracted every student and faculty. Thanks to the effort of her and her team, 30 students were able to each produce six works in such a short time. Their innovation during the study and capability in absorbing new knowledge brought surprises one after another to the camp, and left a good impression to Ms. Nakayama and Mr. Minagawa. The 180 accessories works at the exhibition each had their own unique inspirations. The various creation methods, expressed by forms, structures, materials, texture, techniques, and layouts, fully showcased the innovative designs of students, and the inner world and spirits of these “after 95 generation” designers. They have also attracted audience by their innovations, and feel the bright prospective for the innovative teaching of SBS Costume and Clothes Design major. and students’ works)

Of course, the support and care from SBS and College of Art Design leaders are essential for students to obtain such abundant learning resources to broaden their horizons and enrich knowledges. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Vice President Zhong Youwei, Deputy Director Chi Lihua of Academic Affairs Department, Deputy Director Xia Huanlong of “Industry-Academics” Cooperation and Practical Teaching Office, Dean Peng Cainian of College of Art Design, and Secretary Zhu Yongli of College of Art Design CPC Branch delivered speeches. They gave high recognition and evaluation to the achievements of the Innovative and Entrepreneurship Camp. The consistent effort and support from SBS and the College enable College of Art Design students to learn more, to have the opportunities to have academic communication with top-layer designer around the world, to obtain more professional information and resources around the world, and thus make the students more confident and more competitive professionally during the four-year study and exploration. Ceremony of the exhibition)

Though the camp lasted for only 10 days, students have established deep relationship with the two Japanese advisors. At the exhibition, Ms. Etsuko Nakayama awarded the students course certificate, and gave them works made by herself as a gift. After the awarding ceremony, Ms. Nakayama also commented the works of every students in the exhibition, in the hope that the students can get more ideas at this process, find the suitable design patterns. The comments were straight at the point and full of encouragements. Students were moved to tears multiple times by the words and the professional attitude of Ms. Nakayama. The scene was surrounded by a harmonious environment. Such scene let SBS to better realize the fact that the holding of such “Oversea Masters’ Camp” can be not only beneficial for the cultivation of students’ professional capability and academic preparedness, but also exhibited the educational philosophy of “cultivation of all perspectives” and “comprehensively cultivation of talents” from the College of Art Design students.

(Article by College of Art Design)

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