SBS Dragon Dance Team Achieved Good Result in the 4th Shanghai Student Dragon Culture Competition


Recently, the 4th Shanghai Student Dragon Culture Competition, organized by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Bureau of Sports, Youth League Shanghai Committee, and Jiefang Daily, was held in Oriental Land. The SBS team of dragon dance, led by Yu Yuhua, team leader and coach, and Yu Yu, external coach of the team, participated in the university-group competition of self-selected and traditional sets. And the boys’ and girls’ team of SBS won two 1st prize for competition of self-selected set, one 1st prize for traditional set (dragon of lotus), and prize for athletic ethnics.

With the comprehensive implementation of Suggestions on Implementing the Inheritance and Development Project of Outstanding Traditional Chinese Cultures published by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and General Office of State Council, dragon and lion dancing activities have been greatly promoted among campuses. The dragon dance competition has attracted 1600 primary school, middle school, and university students to participate. As a key project for 2017 Shanghai Sunshine Sports League, the host of the competition focuses on the demonstration of achievements obtained during the “Non-material cultural heritage in campus” activity. It adds the thematic demonstration of outstanding traditional Chinese culture to enrich the contents of Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, in the hope to make such competition a platform for Shanghai students to fell about the outstanding traditional cultures of China, a showcase platform of the cultural experience for Shanghai students, and an experience platform for students to enjoy quality education features both action and knowledge.

(Competition of traditional set (Dragon of Lotus))

SBS team has participated in the competition for four consecutive years. The better and better results obtained by the team showcases the hard training for years of all members of the team. Students participated in the competition expressed their appreciation to university for it setting up the society of competitive dragon dancing. They indicated that while doing daily study, the participation in Dragon dance training and relevant competitions help them to exercise body and train their spirit of team-working and persistence, and thus fully develop their body and mentality. While improving the overall personal quality, it also gives a chance to demonstrate themselves and earn honor for the school, which makes their college life more meaningful.

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